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Disability Insurance

What is your most valuable asset? Your house? Your business? Your 401K or other investments? For most people, your most valuable asset is your ability to earn an income.


  • Every 1.2 seconds…someone in the U.S. is disabled.
  • Everything is at risk with a disability – home, savings, retirement funds and future financial security.

Paycheck protection helps replace lost income in the event of disability due to accident or illness and will help insure your most valuable asset – Your Paycheck.

Call me at 615-376-8899 to find out more about disability insurance. 



Most disabilities are caused by catastrophic, one-time events such as serious accidents or injuries.

91% of long-term disabilities were not a result of serious accidents.
1 of 4 conditions typically include muscle and bone disorders like back problems, joint pain and muscle pain.

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