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Dear Rick
No one can predict the future but Life Insurance is a must for anyone with a family. We had many years when money was tight but thankfully we never wavered and made our premiums a priority over other wants. My husband, a healthy 61 year old had a fatal heart attack and left my children and I totally devastated. We would have also been financially devastated without the Life Insurance policy. Faced with funeral, medical, housing, moving and school loans we would have never gotten our heads above water. In the numbing pain of the grieving process, you made this part so easy to work through. I had a check within a week, hassle free. Three years later my two children have college degrees, are self-sustaining and debt free. I own my own home and am debt free. No amount of money will ever replace our loved one, but it has certainly helped us all moved on. I thank you Rick for being a positive low-key force in our life. I would gladly endorse your services to anyone.

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